Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Big Catchup

Hi there,

It's me, Boomer and I'm just a freaky as ever! I have a lot of updating to do so lets get to it, shall we?

First of all, if you don't remember the cast of characters here at our house, here's a picture to remind you...

I'm on the left, Annie is in the middle and Mr. Snickers is on the right.

You might be wondering what's up with Mr. Snickers' foot - looks like he's wearing an Ugg boot! Well he had to go to the vet to get his teeth cleaned and while he was there we found out unfortunately that Snicks has cancer in two places in his stomach. We found out because he has a cough and the doc did some x-rays to see what was up in his lungs and the pictures picked up the cancer.

We don't know how much longer we will have the little old man but I'll tell ya, he doesn't act like he's sick one bit. He hops around the backyard like he has no sense. He eats and um...does his business just fine so I think he's going to be around for a while. Us dogs, we are tough!

Because of him being sick mom has taken to feeding us blueberries and tomatoes with our dinner. She said there's something in them called "antioxidants" and that's suppose to be good for us. They taste really yummy so good for us or not, we are eating them. Heck, mom just witnessed me eating an orange peel that fell on the ground. Yah, I eat just about anything.

I'm doing just fine actually. I have to lose a little bit of weight though, mom said I'm ready for the "husky" sizes at the store. So I'm eating a little less food, playing ball a little more, and eating my fruits and veggies as snacks.

Annie is going good too. She did develop a heart murmer but that's managed with a little pill in the evening. She can't get her toofies cleaned though since she has the murmer so we have to deal with her breath of death.

If you remember a while back we called Annie our little "pork chop" because she had her foot shaved like Snickers did for his surgery. Sometimes mom still calls Annie that, mom is a dork.

Mom is knitting like crazy still. I swear she doesn't put those needles down - I think she needs an intervention. Here's a picture of her latest knitting kick - bunny nuggests. Little buns of joy she calls them.

She's making them in all sorts of colors which is fun.

We are hearing that horrible word "vacation" again but where they are going I don't know. We met a really nice lady that's going to take care of us so I shouldn't worry. Pop told me that I have to be a big boy and take care of Snickers and Annie while they are gone so I'm all over that. Yes sir, I'm their "go to" dog.

So that's about it. Kind of a bittersweet update but like I said, Snickers isn't acting sick right now so that's really good. We will make sure to take good care of him as his time here winds down but I suspect that will be later than sooner.

Barks and blessings