Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's Cool Mom, It's Cool...

Boomer: Hey mom, what's the haps?

Mom: Not much Moomer-Noomers.

Boomer: Say, what happened to your knitting blog?

Mom: Oh Boomer, between your blog, work, and home stuff I didn't have time to update it so I just stopped updating it.

Boomer: A total pain in the a$$?

Mom: MOOMERS, where did you ever hear that?

Boomer: Well mom, you do swear like a sailor.

Mom: Yah but... oh okay, I should wash my mouth out with soap from time to time.

Boomer: Try every day mom.

Mom: Okay Moo's, I get it.

Boomer: Getting back to what I was going to talk to you about - I feel kind of bad that you stopped your other blog so I was thinking that I would share my blog with you.

Mom: You really mean that Boomer? That really would mean a lot to me.

Boomer: Sure, but you have to promise not to hog my blog up with all your knitting stuff. That's just not macho and you know I'm a macho dog.

Mom: I understand, you have a reputation to keep.

Boomer: Yes, yes I do.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here's Annie!

Hi Everyone!!!

It's me, Annabelle! Boomer said I can update everyone on what's going on in our little neck of the woods.

First of all, don't I look cute? I like the little mustache below my nose. Normally women shouldn't have mustaches below their noses but momma says it's okay for me because I'm a dog.

Mom has been knitting a whole bunch. She learned how to make socks and she says she's addicted. Do you think she needs to go into rehab like Brittany Spears or Lindsy Lohan?! I hope not because I don't think they let animals in for visits!

Here's a picture of the socks she just started. The yarn is made from wool and bamboo. I hope a panda doesn't come along and try and eat her socks!

Here's a closeup of the socks, I like the colors, pretty yet subdued.

Here's the first pair of socks mom made. They are made out of a brand of wool called Malabrigo and she says it's hand dyed, that's why you see the pretty streaks. They kind of match me, don't you think?????

And lastly, here is Turbo Kitty. He's doing so much better now. He's walking and eating tons and tons. He lost a lot of weight so it's good that he's eating lots of food.

Now I know that I shouldn't do this but I thought you might like these pictures of him - it's pictures of mom and dad giving him his medicine. Tee-hee. I shouldn't laugh, I can't laugh - nope, I'm laughing... They have to hold a napkin under him because he tries to spit out his medicine.

Wow, he's one pissed off kitty!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Been A Rough Few Days

Hello Everyone - this is Turbo Kitty,

Boomer was kind enough to let me post - I'm thinking it's because he pity's me. Like the title says, I have had a crappy week.

Mom and dad took me to the evil doctors to have my abscessed tooth worked on. Well that's what they said at least. The doctors gave me a nice little sleeping medicine which I don't understand why I needed that because I have no problems sleeping - why I can sleep up to 20 hours a day. I digress, the doctors give me this lovely medicine and when I woke up I had SIX freakin teeth removed. WTF?!

Not only that, I had a couple of adverse reaction to the anesthesia - I lost the use of my back legs for a while AND I lost my eye site! That just made my mom cry like a baby and even brought a tear to dad's eye. Dad NEVER cries so I have to remember to use this to my advantage.

I'm doing better today though, I can walk around okay, but the hardwood floors are hard to maneuver on. I have some site back but not a lot - my eyes are dilating just a little, which was better than it was on Friday when I came home.

The dogs are being very nice to me, and I really appreciate that. I suppose I will cut them some slack until I get better, then I'll show them who's boss. After all, I can't let them get away with their new found freedom from the kitty wrath!

I'm not really mad at mom and dad anymore, but I get very upset when it's time to take my medicine. My stomach medicine is suppose to taste like chicken but I think it tastes like, well - like crap frankly. Mom threatens to take my picture and if she does I'll have no use but to seek revenge somehow.

Also, Boomer and I have been talking, and we think that Pippin and Buster are right, he should poop in mom's shoes for me but he said something about waiting until after he eats something gross so that it's extra stinky. That Boomer is one smart dog.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Poor Turbo Kitty

Poor Turbo, he had six teeth removed today, and he has Pancreantitis. The doctors are going to keep him until at least Thursday. Please keep him in your happy poochie thoughts and prayers. That way, he won't poop in mom's shoes when he comes home. Tee-hee!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Moopies is in a Contest!

Hi there!

Our little Annabelle is in a contest and she's not doing so well. It's the same contest that Snickers was in. I don't know if she will win but currently she has the least amount of votes, and that's making me sad.

Can you please vote for our little Annabelle? Please???

Also, can you please say poochie prayers for Turbo kitty? He's got an abscessed tooth and will have to go in for surgery this Wednesday. We don't really get along because he's a pissy kitty, but I would never want anything bad to happen, or want him to be in any pain.

Also again, I'm so sorry that I haven't posted or visited everyone lately. Mom usually does her blogging for me at work and she's been really busy. Then on the weekends she's been trying to get grandma out more. I'm going to cut her a little slack but she better get back to it.

Boomer - out!