Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Had A Run In...

With a spider and it bit me above the eye, can you believe it?

It happened Thursday sometime and on Friday it was so bad, and I felt so crummy that mom had to take me to the doctor! They shot me up with antibiotics and gave me the dreaded cone! Fortunately I'm not scratching my eye so mom took the horrid thing off of me.

Today I feel much better - so much better that we had some more outdoor fun! Also, Snickers and Annie went to the groomers today and came back smelling nice and looking quite fantastic.

Here are some pictures of the fun we had...

This is Annie looking oh so beautiful! I love that nose and I would kiss it if it weren't for the fact she had just finished eating poop a few minutes earlier.

I love this picture of Snickers, he looks so handsome, hubba hubba! Of course, after this picture he got into the hibiscus and got white fly all over him. So much for the bath, eh Snickers?

And this is a picture of me waiting for mom to throw my ball. I look rather sexy, don't you think?

Mom and dad are just relaxing today, they've been watching the "Family Guy" all day, Freaking Sweet!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Outside Fun

I love to play with my tennis ball - it's my "art". Every day mom comes home from work and comes outside to greet us and she always has my "chuck-it" ball launcher in hand. When I see my chuck it I know it's time to play and I get all dippy. She'll chuck the ball, I'll run like mad to get it then bring it back, and then she'll throw it again. Over and over until I'm all warn out. I just love it.

What is Snickers and Annie doing while I'm playing? Well, they are either scratching the ground for grubs, or eating poop. Sometimes Snickers will run around like a goof, sometimes Annie will watch mom and I, but mostly it's grub and poop eating time.

Look at Annie's ear's in this picture, I just love them! Sometimes mom looks at her and cries. I think it's because someone treated Annie bad before she came to live with them. Mom shouldn't cry, Annie is safe and happy here at home.

Here's Snickers telling mom to hurry up and take the picture so he could go inside and eat! With Snickers, it's all about the food.

And finally, here's an up close picture of my face.

Kiss my nose baby, you know you want to!

Update on grandma: First of all, thank you to all of you who have kept grandma in your poochie prayers. The doctors think that they can remove the cancer through surgery so we are waiting to get that scheduled, hopefully in early March. Grandma's dog, Bob, is taking good care of her and will keep guard up until she goes into surgery, then mom and dad, and her brothers will take over from there. Bob is a good dog, a true Carin Terrier with a heart of gold.

Talk to you later my friends!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Poochie Alert!!! Go Wimsey

Hey everyone - my pal Wimsey is going to compete in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show tomorrow!

Now I know that Wimsey is the best Bloodhound out there, but he still has to compete against other Bloodhounds. Can you believe that? Anyway, we hope to see him in the Hound Group tomorrow night, and then taking his award, BEST IN SHOW!!!!

We are rooting for you Wimsey, Bloodhound #16!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Love That Dares Not Speak It's Name

This is Turbo and... Mouse Mouse:

Oh sure, this looks innocent, a cat with his toy mouse, but this is no ordinary relationship. They have had, shall we say, "relations". Turbo first met Mouse Mouse when he was a wee little kitty and it was love at first sight. After 10 years, their love for each other is still going strong. Late at night you can hear Turbo sing love songs to his mouse. Sometimes he howls with ecstasy and he's even been caught, how shall I say this, well there is just no other way. Turbo has been caught humping his mouse. Repeatedly, I mean sheesh, get a room you weirdo cat.

Anyway, I think that it's wonderful that Turbo found his mate, even if it's another species, and a toy. Who are we to deny these two the love that they deserve! Turbo loves his mouse and he's not going to hide it!

Hey, I'm on a roll and I proudly admit that I love my hedgie. But I'll be damned if you catch me humping that thing.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm Back Baby

Yessiree - I'm back and so is Annie and Snickers! We don't know why but Canon sent mom and dad a brand new camera, better than the one they had!!! Sweet fancy Moses, it's the bomb! Check out these pics of the gang...

Here is mom working on her scarf (can you see me?)

I'm hiding under mom's blankie! Here I am all snug as a bug.

Here is Annie looking oh so pretty on her chair:

And here is Mr. Snickers hamming it up for the camera:

So we are all back and I'm so glad. I missed you all (especially Evie!) Hopefully our folks will figure out how to use the video feature. Then you can see me catch my tennis ball like a pro.

I have an update on grandma. She does have lung cancer, stage 1. Mom is taking her to the surgeon next week to see about having it removed. Hopefully the surgeon will agree and perform the procedure. Mom is really scared because her dad died from the same thing. Please pray that grandma will get through this okay. Bob is keeping watch over grandma - he is such a good guy. In the meantime us pooches are taking care of mom to make sure she's strong to help her mom.

It's so wonderful to be back! Thanks for hanging in there with me everyone while we got this camera thing straightened out.