Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Illin'

Well I’m sick…

I have a temperature, my tonsils are infected, I’m coughing a little, I don’t want to eat much, and all I want to do is sleep. The doctor thinks I caught a bug from the groomers when I was there on Saturday.

Mom took me to the emergency place last night and I sure as heck didn’t like it. They gave me a shot and they stuck something up my bum in order to take my temperature. If there is one thing I do not like it’s anything getting near my bum! It’s just too personal - bums are for sniffing and pooping, not poking with temperature thingies…

Mom and dad are taking really good care of me, and Annabelle and Snickers know that I don’t feel good so they are watching over me too. Annie especially is worried and keeps sniffing me every so often to make sure I’m okay. Turbo kitty is pissy but that’s okay, he’s 14 years old, he’s allowed to be pissy.

Thankfully the doctors don’t seem to think this is serious but I have to be careful that it doesn’t develop into pneumonia. That means no playing rough, no ball playing, and no running around like I have no sense. Poop.

I’ll give you all an update later and let you know how I’m feeling.

Monday, July 23, 2007

We Are Bully For Bully Sticks

Hi ho everybody!

Well I have some exciting news, mom introduced us to this wonderful thing called Bully Sticks! She noticed how Wally just loves them and thought that maybe we would love them too. When mom and dad came home with them and I got a whiff of what was in the bag I said, "Put the kids to bed early Martha, we are going to chew tonight!"

If I may borrow a line from my good pal Nanook, I give Bully Sticks a "Simultaneous-Ropes-to-the-Floor".

Here some pics of the Bully biting fun!

Snickers gnawing away in shameless bliss: Geezaloo Snickers, take a cold shower or something!

Here's a great picture of myself. Check out that nose whiskers baby! Oh yah, that's 100% Brittany right there, Booyah!

Annabelle, our sweet little Annabelle. She's trying to be all dainty and like, "Oh I best look all coy, the Triple B's might be watching."

Triple B's, I'll let you in on a secret, Annie's burps are loud and her snoring wakes us up all the time. Tee-hee! You know, I better be quiet or she might tell you some of my secrets, and Lord knows I have a ton of them.

Now where did I put my pair of ruffled bottomed undies...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Brittany Fun

If there is anything a Brittany excels at it's fun. I'm not talking about mamby pamby tea party fun. I'm talking about trashing the house, chewing on toys, and eating tons of food fun.

Case in point: My bud Micky just celebrated his birthday and he had a mother of a blow-out!

Check out Micky up in the front. He's all, "Forget the picture taking, I'm eating the food!"

Then there is Jericho trying to charm all the ladies in 'da house!

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Hunter is out of control! He's singing, "I'm heading up so you betta get this party started..."

And sweet Melanie; she's all, "I'm eating my yogurt with banana and carob sprinkles. Yah, I'm going to rock that bikini this summer!"

You know though, just because us Brittany's are party animals, we also are great actors too. We have our panache for the drama. Don't believe me? Well here's Gus and his tribute to Alfred Hitchcock:

Yah, take that Robert DeNiro. SNAP!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Rock!

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My pal Ender says I rock and I have to agree. I can shake my stubby butt like no other! But there are others that rock too besides Ender and I. Wimsey, Finn, and my new pals from the Secret Schnoodle: Brody, Baxter, and Bailey, they rock too! In fact, we can form a band and Wimsey can sing, Finn can play base and drink Guinness like the rebel he is, Ender and I will howl in the background. Brody and Baxter will play lead and back up guitar, and Bailey can play the drums. We would totally kick ass! What would our band be called? Give us some suggestions!!!

On another note, Snickers is doing much better. He's eating again and he's not so liquid from the neck down, if you know what I mean. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers for Snicks, he really appreciates it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Good Thoughs For Snickers Please

Hi there,

Mr. Snickers isn't doing too good. We took him in to the vet last week because his bathroom habits were a bit, um...runny. He was diagnosed with "whip worm" and was treated for that (Annie and myself treated too) but his runny habits continued and now he won't eat.

Mom always said, "If Snickers doesn't eat, there's a problem" because Snicks is obsessed with food. He also looks like he doesn't feel good and all he wants to do is lay down. The folks can't get him into the vet today but they have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Please keep Snickers in your poochie prayers and I'll update you once we know more.

Thank you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Never Mind Voting for Me...

Vote for Bunji!

Hi everyone. Look, I have been thinking, I know I'm a gorgeous dog. I mean, I'm stud quality from my nose to my stubby tail. Let's face it though, I'm not going to win the contest, or even come in third. It's totally cool though because I am confident in who I am.

So mom and I have talked and we have decided to campaign for Bunji. All of us have votes in the hundreds, some even over a thousand. Poor Bunji only has 64 votes. I for one think he deserves more than that so I'm going to focus my energy on the Bunji campaign.

my pimped pic!

So everyone, please vote for Bunji. Let's try and get him to over 100 votes by Sunday. Please!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Boomer Watch, 2008

Hi ho all you pooches out there!

I'm in a contest, actually - I'm a FINALIST in a contest. It's the same contest that Snickers won a few months back. Mom said I could enter this one because I wouldn't be competing against my good buddy Snickers. I wouldn't want to compete against Snickers anyway, that just isn't cool.

Anywho, I would love to be in the top three but I need your votes. Now I know you must be thinking, "Votes?! What's this pooches party platform? Why should he get my vote?"

Well since my campaign manager Wimsey is busy getting the word out about me to all the pooches in Central Park I'll have to tell you myself.

If you elect me as one of the final three I will make sure that every pooch has a bully stick a day. Not only that, I will ensure that no pooch goes to bed without a proper meal which includes steak, potatoes, veggies, and a cold bottle of Happy Tail Ale. Every dog will have the toy of their choice, be it a Kong, Cuz, Lucky Carp, a tennis ball, or just a plain and simple stick. If you want it, I'm the dog to get it for you. (Hmmm, if my career in politics doesn't pan out I can work on the Black Market).

Okay, maybe I can't get you all that stuff but I will give you this, my beautiful smile:

Thanks everyone!