Thursday, March 26, 2009

Turbo is Home

Well we brought Turbo's ashes home last Saturday. I thought it was going to be a very upsetting moment but it actually feels like the whole "process" is complete. I'm glad he's back, even if it's only in spirit.

The dogs definitely know that Turbo is gone and it's weird to see their reactions. Our routine is getting back to normal but last week they were wondering where the pissy cat was and were kind of skittish around his room and the back half of the house where he hung out. Now things are much more relaxed with them, but they still don't want to go into the back.

On the knitting front I have taken up spinning using a drop spindle. I have taught myself through some books and some videos on youtube but I really need to find a place where they give lessons. It's really difficult to keep the roving even throughout the entire skein. I have made about 14 or so yards of worsted weight out of a really pretty roving from Chameleon Colorworks, but I'm afraid to go any further because I really would like a lesson first.

On the home front, the flowers are in bloom, the bees are buzzing in the orange trees, and Boomer has decided that he loves to roll in the oranges that fall on the ground. We are diligent in picking up the felled oranges but we both work during the day, leaving the dogs plenty of time to roll, eat and subsequently sometimes throw up, the oranges. What dorks. While I hate having Boom roll around and get all filthy it's kind of fun to watch. He does this nose dive into an orange on the ground and then just slowly rakes his body across it, leaving a nice dirty orange streak down his side. Then I have to get out the rags and wipe him down, and he gets horrified because he can't stand being wet and it's just a big mess. Meanwhile, the other two just stand by and watch, and I swear I think Annie laughs at him.

I have no new pictures of pooches to share but I'll be sure to take some this weekend and post them.

Boomer: Um, mom

Mom: Yes sweetheart

Boomer: I rolled in an orange, ate some of it and then threw it up - can you clean that up for me?

Mom: I always do. When will you learn that you shouldn't eat the oranges????

Boomer: Learn??? I never have heard of such a word.

Mom: That's what I thought.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rest In Peace Turbo Kitty

Yesterday Turbo went to the great Scratching Post in the sky. The past week wasn't a good one for the little guy and so we brought him to Dr. T for another check-up. He had lost another pound, he was 16 pounds when he was healthy, he came in at 7 pounds yesterday. Doctor T then felt his stomach and said that the tumor had doubled. So we knew, it was time.

Turbo found us in 1993 and he couldn't have been more than 8 weeks old. Hubby was adamant about not keeping him but of course that didn't last long. We both fell in love with the little cat with the huge feet.

Throughout the years we watched him grow from this little fluffy thing to a huge 16 pound lug of a cat. He was more like a dog, he would play fetch with his toys, and we were able to wrestle around with him like you would a pooch. He was a lot of fun - he kept me company when hubby worked nights, he made us laugh, and as we found out recently, he made us cry.

It's hard getting use to the fact that I will no longer have Turbo to greet me at the door when I get home from work. We won't need to escort the dogs by him (he would attack any mutt that passed by him - they were terrified of him), We won't have the 5:00 a.m. wake up call, or a little kitty head poking out of his cat bed, checking to see if there is anything worthwhile going on. He wanted love on his terms, which meant be left alone a lot of the time, but when he wanted some lovin, he got it.

He was our first pet, and I find comfort in the fact that he led a good, long life. I watched Dr. T give him the first shot to make him sleepy and I held and kissed him goodbye. I left the room for the second shot, I just couldn't be there for it. Hubby and Dr. T took care of him from that point on. I really wish it didn't come to this but what are you going to do? I just hope he understands.

Many thanks to Dr. T and the staff at Washington Boulevard Animal Hospital for all their help and compassion through this tough time. It is greatly appreciated.