Saturday, March 15, 2008

Annie's Back!!!

Well the goosey gal is home. She had her surgery yesterday morning and mom and dad went to visit her yesterday afternoon. The doctor said that her surgery couldn't have gone any better and she was recovering well from the anesthesia.

She came home this morning and I was so excited that mom and dad thought I would step on her so they kept me away from her for a while. I do tend to step all over people and the other pooches when I'm all happy and goofy; I need to learn some manners - at least that's what mom says. I suppose she's right but I just am such a happy go lucky kind of guy that I can't help it.

Here are some pictures of our baby Annie. They aren't too gross but if you have a weak stomach like mom's boss (hi Mike!) then maybe you better look away.

Here's Annie with her pretty pink bandaged leg: Poor little gal is so tired from the pain medication and the surgery. The doctor said that she needs to stay really still for the next couple of days since she's going to be in some pain. If she gets all uppity she could undo all the work the vet did and that wouldn't be good.

Here's another picture of the goose and her leg. The doctors took a piece of muscle from her thigh and made a knee ligament out of it. That's why she has her entire leg shaved and wrapped up.

Lastly here is a close-up of her leg. She has some staples showing at the top which doesn't look nearly as bad as it sounds. Notice how many spots she has on her skin, isn't that cool? I thought she just had spots on her fur.

Annie goes back to the vet in five days to have the bandage removed then after another five days she has the staples removed. It's going to be at least 6-8 weeks before she's all well but hopefully it will go by fast for her. Bless her heart.

Annie says thank you for all your prayers and concerns. I'll update once she gets her bandage off and let you know how that goes.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Annabelle Update

Hi ho everybody!

Annie would like to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers. She's doing a lot better now but she still needs surgery. She goes in on the 12th of March and mom and dad should be able to bring her home on the 13th.

Annie has a torn Cruiciate ligament in her left knee and a partial tear in her right knee. She surgeon will be fixing her left knee because it's worse. They are going to take a piece of her muscle from her thigh and use that to repair the ligament. It sounds pretty complicated but the surgeon said that this is really common and he doesn't think there will be any problems.

Annie will have to wear the cone of shame for a while AND while mom and dad are at work they have to keep her in a doggie pen so she doesn't chase after the people as they walk by our house. That's not going to be fun for her because she doesn't like being in a crate at all. Hopefully because the pen is big and more open she will feel better about being in it. Also, she will be outside with Snickers and I so we can make sure she's okay and keep her company.

Poor little goosey gal. I'll give you an update after the surgery and let you know how she's doing.