Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Boomer's Mom

Hi there,

Boomer is sleeping right now so I thought I would sneak in and post some pictures of the sweater I'm working on.

This is the back of the sweater. I'm currently working on the sleeves so I still have a ways to go, but I should be done with this part by the weekend. You can't tell from the pictures but there are little flecks of color worked into the yarn which gives it some depth.

Here's a close-up with the sleeves. I will be increasing every 6th row for the next 36 rows to create the sleeves. This is a very simple to follow pattern which is nice since this is my first sweater. I downloaded the pattern from Vogue Knitting. The site is currently under construction but you can still look at some of the cover designs and download those patterns.

Here is Turbo kitty with all his toys. He's all better now - he has gained back his weight and his fur looks nice and shiny again. We are all very thankful that Turbo is okay (yes, even the dogs!).

I also want to apologize for not visiting everyone's blogs lately. I have been really busy at work and sick as well so I'm quite tired when I get home and don't want to spend much time on the computer. I hope you all understand.

I have also noticed that Boom's blog hasn't had many comments lately. I hope that you are still enjoying it. If you have any suggestions for improvements please let me know.

Finally, I want to thank Jason with the Fleas Gang for figuring out the code for my American Brittany Rescue button on the left side of the page. I tried and tried but I couldn't get it to work and then Jason came to the rescue.


Friday, August 24, 2007

More Wacky Brittany's for your Viewing Pleasure

Holy Crap!!!

My great friends on the Brittany forum rock! I asked for pictures and I got pictures. Do you think if I asked for money they would send me money? Do you think if I asked for tomatoes they would give me tomatoes? Oh the possibilities are endless, and now I'm drooling. I need a mop!

You say tri-color britts don't exist? You doubt me, the great Boomfreakah? Well my people, my homies, my dogs - here's proof.

I present to you, THE Trey Louie - Tah dah!!!!

He's a young pup that was fostered by mom's Brittany pal Nancy! Whenever mom looks at this picture she wants to go out and buy a puppy. Geesh mom, three dogs and a pissy kitty are enough already!

And then there is Hope. Now this hot babe makes me swoon, I mean check out that smile. Do you see Heidi Klum smiling like that? I don't think so:

Hope is the bee's knees, the bomb, a babe, the living end, hot stuff, a goddess, and.....yep you guess it - a liver and white Brittany too.

What about some boy Britts for all the ladies in the house... But please ladies, don't through your underwear at them, throw bully sticks. Nothing wins a Britt over like a bully stick.

Here's Piper, he likes long walks on beaches at sunset:

Darby likes to boogie the night away at the local discotheques. Darby says that Sierra (the o & w) is just a "friend".

Pete is a sensitive guy, but don't mistake that for not being manly! He is just so secure in his manliness that he doesn't need to show it off.

And finally ladies, if you like "exotic" Britts, here is Mikey, a French Britt.

That's it for the men ladies. Now don't worry, this isn't the latest season of "The Bachelor", there is plenty of Brittany love to go around. Speaking of Brittany love, check out the sibling love between Scout and Kallie.

And even though she's not a Britt (mom can't remember, she's getting so old!), this picture of Spotsie is just too freakin adorable:

And lastly, speaking of "freakin adorable:

My work is done.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Boomer Has A Secret

Boomer: Hey mom, I got a secret to tell you about Brittany's. Do you want to try and guess first?

Mom: Okay! Is it that you guys are just wacky?

Boomer: Nope

Mom: Do you guys like to run around like you have no sense?

Boomer: Nope

Mom: Is it that you Brittany's get all dippy over cheese, pumpkin, liver, and as Wally would say "tomatables"

Boomer: Nope, you have one more guess...

Mom: Ummm, I dunno Boomer, what's your secret about you wacky Brittany's?

Boomer: We come in different colors!!! We come in liver and white AND even tri-colors!

Mom: I see, that is a major secret Boom. (I knew that but didn't want to ruin his surprise)

Boomer: Yah, I'm the first to break the news. I'm on the scene, I'm all over it, I have the scoop. I'm like a cross between Fox News, CNN, and Perez Hilton. I'm IT baby...

Mom: You know Boomer, I bet there are people out there in blog-land that have never seen a liver and white or tri-color Brittany, do you have pictures?

Boomer: Does a bear sh...

Mom: BOOMER!!!

Boomer: Okay, okay... It's picture time!!!!

Here's my good buddy Buster romping through the bluebells. See, he's got lots of liver and white spots on his body and face.

This handsome devil is Cooper enjoying his bath, and drinking the water at the same time. Way to multi-task Cooper!

And here is a very serious Cooper, we Britts can be serious too you know. Whenever there is cheese in the room all the play stops until said cheese is devoured.

This is our beach blanket baby Kayla. Such a beautiful pose Kayla! I like the little bit of white around her nose. Sexy!

And here is my good buddy Rowdy, and his tribute to The Clash. Yah, London's Calling baby!

Um Rowdy, you need to replace that hat with a Sooner's hat.

Rowdy says, "Kiss my nose!" SMOOCH!!!

I'll post some pictures of some tri-colors in the next few days.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Trooper Thornton

Some of you might be familiar with the great John Wayne movie, The Quiet Man. John Wayne plays a character named Sean “Trooper” Thornton who moves to the Emerald Isles to escape the boxing demons that haunt him. There he meets the beautiful Mary Kate Danaher and marries her, much to the disgust of his brother “Red” Will Danaher. From there wackiness ensues leading up to the best fight scene ever in a movie. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should be ashamed of yourself. It is a classic and John Wayne never looked better.

I wonder if this Trooper has any demons from his past? He’s only three months old so I would hope not.

Mom’s good working buddy John and his family suddenly lost their beloved dog Tanner a few weeks back. As with all heartbreak, God always allows a little sunshine to come through. For them, it is Trooper! Hooray!

They picked him up at the Downey Animal Shelter, the same place mom and dad got Snickers. What a co-inky-dink! Trooper is obviously a scrappy looking young man, and is so smart that both Mensa and the Rand Corporation are looking to recruit him. That would be a good thing because us pooches need someone on the “inside” if you know what I mean.

While John and his family would never dream of replacing their Tanner, it’s nice that they have opened up their hearts and home to little Trooper.

Hooray for Trooper!!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Deadliest Catch, Featuring Snickers

Snickers is commander of his own ship - look!

I think his obsession with The Deadliest Catch has gone too far. Oh well, it makes him happy and that's all that matters.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Everything Is Back To Normal

Hey Everyone, it's me, Snickers. I thought I would write for Boomer today because, well... why not???

Here's Annie giving us her sexy chair pose. Actually, that's how she sleeps on her chair - she's always slept that way. Mom thinks it's adorable but I think it's rather "tarty" don't you think?

Boomer is all better now, but here's a picture of when he was feeling really sick. When he gets sick he needs to be right next to mom, even when she's typing on the computer. Please ignore mom, she wasn't having one of her "better looking" days. We are all happy that Boom is doing good, and very relieved that Annie, Turbo, or myself did not get sick. That would be absolutely no fun. Oh yah, Boomer wanted me to tell you that mom picked up an ear thermometer for us pooches so no more butt temperatures - hooray!

And lastly, here's a picture of mom's latest project; she's making a sweater. The yarn is made by Rowan and is called "Summer Tweed". I did some investigating and found that it's 75% silk and 25 % cotton. As my hero Borat would say, "Very nice". Although I think he meant something pervy when he said that.

Thank you all so much for your kind words regarding Boomer. He is so blessed to have such wonderful pals.

Snickers - bark bark!!