Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dad is Sad...

Our pop is sad because his grandpa was killed in a car accident the other day. He's on his way this morning to Wichita for the funeral which is tomorrow. Us pooches are in charge of protecting mom and the fort while he's gone.

We are always prepared to protect our home. Mom calls it "Tactical Alert" but I call it good sense. My gas is a powerful weapon and I pitty the foo who get's within a few hundred yards of my gas. If someone however does survive we do have back-up...

Annie, seen here looking oh so innocent, has the breath of death. As you can tell she is not afraid of anything. This picture was posted on the We Are Not Afraid website. Obviously she's not worried about looking fear straight in the eye. If you attack her or anyone in her pack you will get the stink of your life. You think my gas is bad, try Annie's breath. We like to call her BBA - Bad Breath Annie

Should you manage to get past my gas and Annie's breath then you have to cross Snickers and his razor sharp teeth. Don't let these eyes fool you. Piss this one off and you will walk away with a chunk of flesh missing from your leg. Of course we have never witnessed this, but we have heard tales, and that's good enough for us.

Now, if you get passed my gas, Annies breath, and Snicker's menacing teeth then you force us to use our most powerful weapon, one of which even nations shudder at the thought of using. Back us into a corner and you leave us no choice but to use what we call.......

The "Turbo Kitty"

And God help you if we lob him at you.

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