Monday, January 16, 2006

My Mission

The Dog Star is a far, far away place; inhabited by dogs with a vision. A vision of peace an harmony that is born into each and every pooch. We have never known strife, conflict, or even an occasional tiff. We live to help each other, to care for the pack and make sure that all is provided for. We live for tennis balls, raw-hide and kongs. This is instinct folks, not something we had to learn.

My commander sent me here to earth to teach earthling's how to live this way. The strife amongst human's is well known throughout our galaxy and frankly we are all getting very tired of their pissing and moaning. But I digress...

My commander sent me to earth to live amonst the humans, to train them in the ways of the dog. I live with a wonderful family in Southern California which includes my host mom and dad, my brother dog Snickers and sister dog Annabelle. I will not speak of the cat.

The parents do not need any work thank goodness but my siblings do. They would prefer to eat their poop than play ball or chase birds. They have absolutely no clue what they are missing. Or maybe I have no clue what I am missing??? Hmmmm.....

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