Wednesday, August 16, 2006

To Every Season...

The American Brittany Rescue has a forum that mom is on and she found out one of the nice ladies lost her beloved pooch, Gunner, a few months ago rather unexpectedly. Here is a picture of her handsome boy Gunner. He's in poochie heaven chasing squirrels, birds, and butterflies 24/7 now and he's missed by his mom very much.

To help her with the pain she got a lovely little boy name Ruger. Don't you just love the names of both these dogs?! Here is a picture of baby Ruger. Look at that nose, I mean it's just kissable. He could get into the trash, dig a 10 foot hole in the backyard, and piddle on the finest carpet and then make your anger all go away by looking at you with that nose and those golden eyes. Man, I think I'm jealous!!

Hi ho Ruger!!!!!

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