Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here's Annabelle

AKA: annie, anniebelle, the goose, goosie, loosy goosie, moopies, mama moo moo's, mama's little girl, girly girl, and baby annie.

She's special, and yes - I do mean ride the short bus special. But that's why we love her so very much.

After mom and dad got Snickers they wanted another dog so they started looking for a Brittany. They looked in the paper and found an advertisement for a Brittany at a no-kill shelter. "Hot damn!" they said and they got in the car and drove to see the pooch.

This is who they saw:

She was a quivering mass. Dad was kind of bummed because she wasn't a Brittany and mom looked into her eyes and started getting all boo-hooey. Dad then mumbled something like, "Oh good lord..." and then a few days later Annie came home to live with them.

It's obvious that she has had a very abusive past and if I ever find the person that hurt our dear Annabelle I'm not only going to pee all over them but I'm going to bite them in the crotch! No one, I mean NO ONE hurts our Annie or any other pooch. GRRRR!!!

Okay, gotta calm down. Breathe Boomer, breathe. I'm better now. So is Annie by the way. She still has issues from her past - she's scared of loud noises, sudden moves from humans, and other things, but Snickers became her big brother and showed her the ropes and she's much better.

Hey Annie, don't fly away with those beautiful big ears of yours!

I love you!

Your little brother,


bark bark!


Jay said...

Hi! Annie looks so sweet! Glad she found your family :)

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

What a sweet little girl Annie is :-) I am so glad that she found her "fur-ever" home with you guys ! Karma will get the "human" who was mean to her !

We get red-bellied black snakes and brown snakes out here - the red bellied ones you stand half a chance at getting to the hospital if you are bitten - but the brown ones, well - let's not go there.....You be careful too Boomer with those Rattlesnakeys, would hate for anything to happen to you.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow, how do you get any attention with this cutie around?

Bussie Kissies

Boomer said...

Jay - we are glad my parents found her too!

Opy - I promise to stay away from the Rattlesnakeys; they scare me!

Busty - I do get attention because she's shy around strangers and I'm an attention hog. However, when it's just the family mom tends to baby her the most which is a-okay with us because she deserves it.

Fu Fu said...

Hey Annie, You're so cute. Can I hug you?. Bommer will take good care of ya.

~ fufu

Maximilliam the Valliant said...

Boomer buddy! You're starting to live the life of a rescue buddy! Annie looks nice. You're lucky you didn't get a sissy like Lily.

But if you want to start taking on the dog abusers, I'm in. When I think about what Zoe's owner was trying to do to her...makes me really angry. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....


Hey Cheater! said...

oooo can u fly?