Thursday, October 19, 2006

That Turbo is Such a Weirdo!

Hi ho everybody!

Turbo is such a dork. He thinks he's a little mastermind by taking over my blog. I am so barking out loud right now!! Yah Turbo, you just go on your merry little way and think that.

Why are kitties hell bent on world domination? Is it because they are small like that wacky Kim Jong-il? He's small, that's why he has a complex. Mom calls it "short man's complex" - when men try and overcompensate for being teeny tiny like Mr. Jong-il. She says they try and make up for being short or for having short body parts, and she said she's not talking about their feet.

Then what part is she talking about?

Maybe kitties have that something like that called "Short kitty complex"? Maybe they are trying to compensate for their tiny brains? Or maybe they are trying to make up for the fact that their breath smells like buckets of chum?

Annies breath smells like poop. She eats a lot of poop. Mom and dad tried everything to stop that - even tried putting tobasco sauce on the poop and you know what, she said, "SALSA!" and gobbled it all up.

But I digress... So Turbo is making up for something and that's okay, I can hang with that. You know, we all have our picadilloes.

What's your picadillo?


Fu Fu said...

Hey Boomer, Glad you got your blog back. I was a little scared of those kitties. And the part where Annies had "SALSA" was pretty gross. Haa

~ fufu

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Boomer my friend,

I'm glad that you took control...though I am still very willing to help! Just bark me over anytime.

Do I really have to tell me shortcomings?..sigh, Mom has to carry me up the big stairs. The vet said I have a couple fused vertebrae and I can't climb stairs like normal doggies. But I'm still tough!


Boomer said...

fu fu-

I'll protect you from those kitties!

Maxie my pal!

I know you have my back in a kitty rumble, and I got yours too! I think it's very nice that your mom has to carry you up the stairs, it doesn't make you any less of a pooch in any way.

My picadillo is that I have really REALLY bad gas! I also have the doggie version of acid reflux disease and if I don't take my medicine I throw up so I have to be a good boy and take my medicine every day.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Bussie, shortcomings.....hmmm. Nope!

Bussie Kissies

Jay said...

Hi Boomer, nice to hear that you reclaimed your blog! :)


FleasGang said...

"Annies breath smells like poop." That's sooo funny :-) Try sprinkling low sodium meat tenderizer on her food before she eats. It's suppossed to make the poo taste bitter the second time around.

wally said...


nice of you to throw turbo a bone (ha!) but glad you restored order.

why does cat poop taste so good when it comes from such a lousy package?

ah, the mysteries of our world.