Monday, January 01, 2007


Hi Ho!

It's a new year so I decided to change my blog a little. I hope you like the color combinations - if you have any other suggestions for changes let me know. The Boomfreakah is always open to suggestions.

Mom's brothers and their families came by today for a small celebration which meant that we pooches had to stay in the backyard. Annie didn't care because she slept, Snickers didn't care because he got to snack on poo. But did Boomer care? Oh you betcha! I wanted to be inside with all the action, plus - the Twilight Zone Marathon is on the Sci-Fi channel and I was totally into that. Oh well, they are gone now and I'm back to my Twilight Zone.

No news on the camera front. Pop said that it shouldn't be much longer before we get it back and I sure hope he's right. It's been a long time since you all have seen my gorgeous face.

Everyone keeps talking about "New Years Resolutions" so I thought I would tell you a few of mine... um, yah - I have none.

Mom: Boomer honey, you do have bad gas

Boomer: MOM, quit embarrassing me! Besides my gas smells like a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Mom: Okay sweetie, sorry to interrupt. I'll leave.

So as I was saying, I thought I had no resolutions but I do think I have one. I think I'm too obsessed with my tennis ball, to the point that it's kind of wearing out my teeth. That's not good I know, so I have to try not to chew on it so much. Problem is, my tennis ball is my "crack" or "heroin" I can't just give it up! Geez, I hope it's not so bad that mom and dad have some sort of "intervention", that would blow.

I hope that you all had a wonderful New Years and I wish that it will rain rawhide from the sky on all my poochie friends every day in 2007. Wouldn't that be neat?! (Still, I think if Snickers had his choice between rawhide and poop he would take the poop.)


Freda said...

Hi Boomer,

Freda heres. I like the sharp, cools look of your blog. I'm in the process of doin' the same thing but Mom and Dad are goin' to Dizzylands tomorrow so I guess I'll just think about my news look.

HAPPY NEWS YEAR to your and yours.


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Boomfreakah,

You blog looks cool. Gotta keep that orange theme goes with your colors. You know matchyoureyescrapthatwomencareabout.

Anyway, don't send rawhides over here...we want the real thing.. Besides, Lily aways tries to swallow hers whole and Mom has to reach way down her throat to remove it so she doesn't choke.

Hmm, maybe some rawhides aferall...alright I wasn't serious.

Backatcha bud.

PS. Evie got a good brushins and she wants you to know that her butt fur is shiney. Whateva...


Pippin the flyball dog said...

Hey Boomer,

My teeth are worn down from the tennis balls too. I just love them.

Your blog looks good. Happy New Year


wally said...

hi boomer,

happy new year to YOU too. my sister has a serious ball habit, too. sometimes i steal it from her. it's for her own good.


ps. my gas smells like roses, too. and it's not like theirs smells like flowers and sunshine. sheesh.

Finnegan said...

Happy New Year! I like the colors, very Irish! I have a problem sometimes with dogbursts (doggy diarrhea) and gassy fumes if I eat the wrong foods. Doesn't bother me!

Cheers and Woofs!