Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Letter to the President

Mr. President,

I understand that you will probably be announcing tomorrow a troop surge in Iraq. I have been a loyal Conservative pooch but over the past year I feel that you have not only failed me but our country. I understand that you have certain visions of how the Middle East should be and I am glad that Saddam has been removed and punished; but our country, along with our allies in Britain, Australia, Japan, and other nations, now find ourselves fighting a war that is more for you than for the best interest of our country.

Now we find ourselves in this quagmire, if we pull out of Iraq we leave it to be overrun by social infighting as well open to other nations coming in and taking over. If we stay, more and more of our men and women will be killed, and for what? In the end for what? A safer world, I don't think so...

On top of all of this, you are ignoring the needs of our nation. We are no safer than we were on 9/10/01, our Social Security system is going in the toilet, illegal immigration is becoming an increasing burden to our society, and it goes on and on...

So, I'm kind of tired of you. I have decided I am going to follow my pal Wally, who is actually Winston Churchill incarnate.

If he could deliver England from the Blitzkrieg that the Nazi's wrought on England, surely he could deliver the United States from the mess you got us in.



wally said...


i'm very touched! i worry, though, that even with our genius, we may not be able to clean up the mess the naked apes have made. i worry a lot.

but that was very thoughtful, you didn't even punctuate your points with a smelly fart (which, i admit, is a frequently deployed tool when i am engaging in political discourse)


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Walls - my Mom will run your campaign here in Palm Beach County!

Bussie Kissies

Joe Stains said...

Wally would be an amazing leader!!! and he is handsome!

Fu Fu said...

Yeah Wally will make a great leader. :)

~ fufu

Casey said...


How can I send you a private message? Do you have an email address? I would like to post your letter to the president on my website, Animal-Internet.com. Let me know how we can talk more. Thanks.


Boomer said...


You can e-mail me at chickychacky@yahoo.com.