Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Conversation with Moomers

Mom: Hey Moomers! Come and sit on the couch with me.

Moomers: Okie dokie (hops up on the couch), hey mom, I gotta question for you.

Mom: What is it sweetie?

Moomers: What is that thing you are doing with all that yarn?

Mom: It's called knitting. You weave it together with these two sticks and out comes something pretty. At least it's suppose to be pretty.

Moomers: Yah... About that knitting thing, you are doing an awful lot of that lately.

Mom: I know, it's super fun.

Moomers: For you maybe, not for me. See, I hate to tell you this but you are slacking.

Mom: Slacking, what do you mean?

Moomers: When did you last update my blog?

Mom: Last week sweetie. I've been really busy...

Moomers: Blah blah blah... I don't want to hear excuses - I want action!

Mom: Well we have been gone the past couple of weekends I know, but I wouldn't call it slacking.

Moomers: I would - slacking slacking slacker slack.

Mom: Boomer, it was my birthday and dad took me out. And then this past weekend I took grandma out for a while and did some shopping for her.

Moomers: You were taking care of grandma? What's the latest?

Mom: Well grandma went and saw the Oncologist yesterday and the doctor told her that in her case, because the tumor was small she can opt out of chemotherapy if she wants. She's got to think about it but I think she's going to do it (opt out I mean). She's lost so much weight that right now chemo would kill her and I think that she never will get as strong as she use to.

She's walking now and not using the oxygen and the doctors are starting to ween her off of her pain medication. And she's getting pissy again - which is a good thing. So all and all I think the worst is over for now.

Moomers: Thanks for the update mom, you are a good daughter AND a good mother if I do say so myself.

Mom: So you are going to cut me some slack?

Moomers: Yeppers.

Hooray for Moomers - smooches all around!!!!!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My mom is full of scuses too.

Bussie Kissies

Charlie said...

Way to go, Boomer! I cut my mom a lot of slack too.
- Chuck

Fu Fu said...

Hee, that's so nice of you Boomer to cut your mum some slack. Can we see some of the things your mum knitted so far?

~ fufu

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

hey, hey! Visit my blog I have big news! BIG NEWS!!!

wally said...

Hey Boomer--I never cut my ma slack but I'm a bit of a bastard.

Good to hear about your granny doing a bit better--being able to opt out of chemo is a good thing,I think. Though I'm a dog, not a doctor (I do own a stethoscope, though).


Joe Stains said...

thanks for the update, I am glad my mom doesnt knit!!