Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boomer: Mom, I am so mad at you!

Mom: Moomers, why in the world are you mad at me?

Boomer: You went and saw all my friends a couple of weeks ago and you didn't tell me. I checked the pictures on your computer and I saw a whole bunch of my pals.

Mom: Sweetie, we went to a Pet Expo and we saw a lot of doggies that look like your friends but they weren't.

Boomer: This isn't Stormy?

Mom: Nope

Boomer: This isn't Finnegan in line for a Guinness?

Mom: No sweetie, and how do you know about Guinness?

Boomer: Mom, I know all about the different Ales and Lagers. I'm smart, remember?

Mom: Yah, I'll be locking up the refrigerator from now on.

Boomer: WIMSEY!!!! He flew in from New York to see me.

Mom: No, it was Wimsey's cousin.

Boomer: What the heck is this?

Mom: A duck.

Boomer: Why didn't you take me?

Mom: They didn't allow attendees to bring their dogs Boom. Besides, you would have hosed down the place.

Boomer: Yah, I like doing that - it embarrasses you.

Mom: Thanks Boomer.


Sparky said...

Cute doggies, and nice duck. :) I would have been mad that I couldn't go, too.


Joe Stains said...

why do we have to miss ALL of the fun stuff? Did your Mom see any Joey or Tanners?

wally said...

Boomer! Can't believe you got left out! With ducks to chase...dogs to water! Good grief. You'd better have gotten some good edible consolation.


FleasGang said...

Boom, I'll join you for that Guinness. *whispering* And I think that that is Finnegan. She just doesn't want you to know it.

The FleasGang

Finnegan said...

A long lost cousin! I'll sneak you a Guinness, Boomer. You'll like it!

Woofs (and burp),

hana said...

Hi Boomer, thanks for participating in the Let's Help Casper Auction! Email notifications went out to the highest bidders of items on Friday. If you didn't get yours, let me know. Some dogs didn't get them... maybe the emails went into the spam folders.

hana said...

Hey Boomer, thanks for your note! It's good some dogs aren't having email issues! All last month I had issues with yahoo! It made it so I couldn't "yahoo."

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. those really look like our friends. (except the duck) Maybe you can go the next time?

~ girl girl

wally said...

Boomer--Tag you're it! You gotta post which celebrity you most resemble.