Monday, June 04, 2007

Moopies is in a Contest!

Hi there!

Our little Annabelle is in a contest and she's not doing so well. It's the same contest that Snickers was in. I don't know if she will win but currently she has the least amount of votes, and that's making me sad.

Can you please vote for our little Annabelle? Please???

Also, can you please say poochie prayers for Turbo kitty? He's got an abscessed tooth and will have to go in for surgery this Wednesday. We don't really get along because he's a pissy kitty, but I would never want anything bad to happen, or want him to be in any pain.

Also again, I'm so sorry that I haven't posted or visited everyone lately. Mom usually does her blogging for me at work and she's been really busy. Then on the weekends she's been trying to get grandma out more. I'm going to cut her a little slack but she better get back to it.

Boomer - out!


Joe Stains said...

we voted and we send good toof vibes!!!

FleasGang said...

You know we want Annie to win! We'll try to remember to vote everyday :-)

Good Luck and hope Turbo kitty's tooth gets better

The FleasGang

wally said...

Goooooo Annabelle!

I hope Turbo Kitty's surgery does well and she is up and annoying you in no time! While I am no fan of the goddamn cats I don't wish them any ill. Except to be chased by me.


Finnegan said...

I voted with mommy's four different accounts! I will think good thoughts for Turbo kitty!