Thursday, March 06, 2008

Annabelle Update

Hi ho everybody!

Annie would like to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers. She's doing a lot better now but she still needs surgery. She goes in on the 12th of March and mom and dad should be able to bring her home on the 13th.

Annie has a torn Cruiciate ligament in her left knee and a partial tear in her right knee. She surgeon will be fixing her left knee because it's worse. They are going to take a piece of her muscle from her thigh and use that to repair the ligament. It sounds pretty complicated but the surgeon said that this is really common and he doesn't think there will be any problems.

Annie will have to wear the cone of shame for a while AND while mom and dad are at work they have to keep her in a doggie pen so she doesn't chase after the people as they walk by our house. That's not going to be fun for her because she doesn't like being in a crate at all. Hopefully because the pen is big and more open she will feel better about being in it. Also, she will be outside with Snickers and I so we can make sure she's okay and keep her company.

Poor little goosey gal. I'll give you an update after the surgery and let you know how she's doing.


FleasGang said...

Good luck with your surgery, Annie! We'll be praying for you :-) Don't worry about the cone of shame. You'll look wonderful in it.

The Fleas

MJ's doghouse said...

poor will be good as new after surgery..then you can play ball all the time...and cones are the new dont worry about it..

Anonymous said...

I really hope the surgery goes well Annie and you aren't too mad about being confined to the pen.

Many hugs,