Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Love That Dares Not Speak It's Name

This is Turbo and... Mouse Mouse:

Oh sure, this looks innocent, a cat with his toy mouse, but this is no ordinary relationship. They have had, shall we say, "relations". Turbo first met Mouse Mouse when he was a wee little kitty and it was love at first sight. After 10 years, their love for each other is still going strong. Late at night you can hear Turbo sing love songs to his mouse. Sometimes he howls with ecstasy and he's even been caught, how shall I say this, well there is just no other way. Turbo has been caught humping his mouse. Repeatedly, I mean sheesh, get a room you weirdo cat.

Anyway, I think that it's wonderful that Turbo found his mate, even if it's another species, and a toy. Who are we to deny these two the love that they deserve! Turbo loves his mouse and he's not going to hide it!

Hey, I'm on a roll and I proudly admit that I love my hedgie. But I'll be damned if you catch me humping that thing.


Joe Stains said...

cats are SO weird!

Fu Fu said...

That's a really weird Cat. Stay away from the cat Boomer..

~ fufu

Wimsey said...

Hello Boomer, I came by to thank you for your kind words on my blog, and then saw this. I have to ask, is Turbo a Maine Coon cat? My human is talking about getting me a Maine Coon because they are big enough for me to play with. Do you suggest that?

Wimsey the Bloodhound

Boomer said...

Joe - Cats are dorks!

Fu fu - I try and stay as far away from Turbo as I possibly can; he scares me.

Wimsey - Welcome Wimsey! Yes, Turbo is a Maine Coon, though I do believe he's a mix because he doesn't have the tufts of hair on the top of his ears. He's huge like a Maine Coon and plays like a dog. He plays fetch a lot and you can rough-house with him and not worry about hurting the guy. He's 16 pounds of solid kitty. I think a Maine Coon would be a good match for you and your mom.

wally said...

someone needs to pass a constitutional amendment against this.


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Sick and wrong, buddy. I mean I almost lost my lunch when I read that. I mean what would be the point of humping a toy?

Geez the mental images that are going to go through my brain are going to give me nightmares.

thanks a lot


Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Cats really are something different. I haven't wanted to mention it because it's so indelicate, but our cat Fox likes to do to our puppy what Turbo likes to do to his mouse. We usually try to save the puppy, but he thinks it's playing...

Glad your back and hope the surgeon can take care of your gramma.

See ya

Finnegan said...

I thought my cat siblings were weird!
Lilly, the siamese, pulls socks out of Mummy's drawer and carries them around the house;
Donald, polydactyl opposable thumbs kitty, opens drawers, pulls things out, and throws them on the floor;
Shrimpycat is well, just a huge spaz and races around the house at top speeds for no reason; and
Mr. Stinny carries around is favorite toy and announces it at the top of his lungs.

Good luck with him!


hana said...

Wow Boomer, do you live in a house with a total of 3 dogs, 1 cat, a giant mouse, and a hedgie? You got a lot of activity going on.

Sam Iam said...

What a mouse it is ..Oh those Wicked CATS, hope ur valentine is a blast. remember to give ur mommy a kiss!~~ sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Wimsey said...

Boomer, normally I'd email this since it's so off topic but I couldn't find your email address. For Westminster, my formal name is Ewines Rmz Crk's Wimsey, I'll be Bloodhound #16. Thank you for rooting for me, my human just wants me to behave.

Marvin The Dog said...

Cats are great - they taste like chicken (well so I have been told)!!

love and licks Marv xxxxx

Loui said...

Don't mention C-A-T-S while I'm about...pesky things. Grrrr......

Loui xx

Tin Tin Blogdog said...


I'm sure there's a place for a cat like that.

In my mouth, perhaps?

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo