Monday, February 12, 2007

Poochie Alert!!! Go Wimsey

Hey everyone - my pal Wimsey is going to compete in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show tomorrow!

Now I know that Wimsey is the best Bloodhound out there, but he still has to compete against other Bloodhounds. Can you believe that? Anyway, we hope to see him in the Hound Group tomorrow night, and then taking his award, BEST IN SHOW!!!!

We are rooting for you Wimsey, Bloodhound #16!!!


Fu Fu said...

I hope your friend Wimsey wins..

~ fufu

wally said...

cool! you have a famous friend! wimsey is good lookin' and i'm a big fan of the bloodhounds. be-jowled dogs are my favorite.

Scrappy said...

I hope Wimsey does well. It is no mean feat to make it this level of competition you must be proud to be his friend.

Happy Valendoggy day to you

Tail wags

FleasGang said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone (especially Annie) and Happy Adoption day Snickers :-)

FleasGang said...

I guess we got the "wrong" Snickers for the adoption date. But who cares! Happy adoption date whenever it is :-)

Wimsey said...

Dear Boomer, thank you for the good wishes, I felt all the positive thoughts and I showed very well, but the judges didn't agree and I didn't win. On the other hand, the public loved me and were very happy to pet and scratch me and give me lots of love. I'm working on a post about the show. Again, thanks so much Boomer!

wally said...

hey boomer--

wimsey was robbed! (hi wimsey, by the way! i watched the breed judging on the internets. so many lovely bloodhounds!)

happy v-day, pal!


ps. i hope your grams is doing well! happy valentines day to HER, too!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Happy Valentine's Day Boomer & to all of your family!!! Wimsey must be very special to even make it to the Westminster show. Congrats to him!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Sophie Brador said...

I love bloodhounds! I'll watch for him.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Happy Valentines Day, sweet Boomer :-)

Big hugs and kisses,


Finnegan said...

How cool! It must be scary being in front of all those people and looking purdy. Mummy loves bloodhounds. I hope Wimsey did well!


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Boomer bud, Evie is planning on posting some new pictures for you...She spent the day yesterday thinking of you!

Maxey (who wants a gruff puppy)