Monday, August 20, 2007

Boomer Has A Secret

Boomer: Hey mom, I got a secret to tell you about Brittany's. Do you want to try and guess first?

Mom: Okay! Is it that you guys are just wacky?

Boomer: Nope

Mom: Do you guys like to run around like you have no sense?

Boomer: Nope

Mom: Is it that you Brittany's get all dippy over cheese, pumpkin, liver, and as Wally would say "tomatables"

Boomer: Nope, you have one more guess...

Mom: Ummm, I dunno Boomer, what's your secret about you wacky Brittany's?

Boomer: We come in different colors!!! We come in liver and white AND even tri-colors!

Mom: I see, that is a major secret Boom. (I knew that but didn't want to ruin his surprise)

Boomer: Yah, I'm the first to break the news. I'm on the scene, I'm all over it, I have the scoop. I'm like a cross between Fox News, CNN, and Perez Hilton. I'm IT baby...

Mom: You know Boomer, I bet there are people out there in blog-land that have never seen a liver and white or tri-color Brittany, do you have pictures?

Boomer: Does a bear sh...

Mom: BOOMER!!!

Boomer: Okay, okay... It's picture time!!!!

Here's my good buddy Buster romping through the bluebells. See, he's got lots of liver and white spots on his body and face.

This handsome devil is Cooper enjoying his bath, and drinking the water at the same time. Way to multi-task Cooper!

And here is a very serious Cooper, we Britts can be serious too you know. Whenever there is cheese in the room all the play stops until said cheese is devoured.

This is our beach blanket baby Kayla. Such a beautiful pose Kayla! I like the little bit of white around her nose. Sexy!

And here is my good buddy Rowdy, and his tribute to The Clash. Yah, London's Calling baby!

Um Rowdy, you need to replace that hat with a Sooner's hat.

Rowdy says, "Kiss my nose!" SMOOCH!!!

I'll post some pictures of some tri-colors in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Great pics Boomer - my humans think they want a Brittany in the house one day - you sound like my kinda dogs though - lots of FUN!!!


Pacco de Mongrel said...

2 me...brittany sounds like a girl breed...


Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Tee-hee Pacco!!!!

River, us Brittanys are pretty cool pooches, but so are all pooches in my opinion.

Joe Stains said...

haha this is great, brittanys sure are cute puppies!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Those are very nice pictures of handsome Brittany doggies. :)

~ Girl girl

wally said...

Hi Boomer-

Thank you for your informative post. I have learned that we go nuts for the same foods. Well, frankly, I go nuts for any foodables but still. Mmm. Pumpkinables.

But, we need to have a long talk about this Sooner business (is that how you got named Boomer? Boomer Sooner?) Do you just not know about the Huskers? Sigh. I guess we can agree on this--at least you are not a Buffaloes fan.


ps. Note: my Cornhuskerable love should not be seen as an endorsement of their stupid new coach or him calling Oklahomans "rednecks." Dude, you're coaching in Nebraska which is not exactly the French Riviera. Go Big Red!

Anonymous said...

I loved the extra photos - Mikey is the only one I think that compares to your studly good looks though Boomer!!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh all the doggies are so adorable. :)
Hee saving the best picture of the last huh Boomer

~ Girl girl

triple B's said...

You have a lot of wonderful and beautiful brittany friends. we like brittanys - you're all very very cute and lots of playful fun!