Friday, August 24, 2007

More Wacky Brittany's for your Viewing Pleasure

Holy Crap!!!

My great friends on the Brittany forum rock! I asked for pictures and I got pictures. Do you think if I asked for money they would send me money? Do you think if I asked for tomatoes they would give me tomatoes? Oh the possibilities are endless, and now I'm drooling. I need a mop!

You say tri-color britts don't exist? You doubt me, the great Boomfreakah? Well my people, my homies, my dogs - here's proof.

I present to you, THE Trey Louie - Tah dah!!!!

He's a young pup that was fostered by mom's Brittany pal Nancy! Whenever mom looks at this picture she wants to go out and buy a puppy. Geesh mom, three dogs and a pissy kitty are enough already!

And then there is Hope. Now this hot babe makes me swoon, I mean check out that smile. Do you see Heidi Klum smiling like that? I don't think so:

Hope is the bee's knees, the bomb, a babe, the living end, hot stuff, a goddess, and.....yep you guess it - a liver and white Brittany too.

What about some boy Britts for all the ladies in the house... But please ladies, don't through your underwear at them, throw bully sticks. Nothing wins a Britt over like a bully stick.

Here's Piper, he likes long walks on beaches at sunset:

Darby likes to boogie the night away at the local discotheques. Darby says that Sierra (the o & w) is just a "friend".

Pete is a sensitive guy, but don't mistake that for not being manly! He is just so secure in his manliness that he doesn't need to show it off.

And finally ladies, if you like "exotic" Britts, here is Mikey, a French Britt.

That's it for the men ladies. Now don't worry, this isn't the latest season of "The Bachelor", there is plenty of Brittany love to go around. Speaking of Brittany love, check out the sibling love between Scout and Kallie.

And even though she's not a Britt (mom can't remember, she's getting so old!), this picture of Spotsie is just too freakin adorable:

And lastly, speaking of "freakin adorable:

My work is done.


wally said...

Hi Boomers,

I think the last one is the best looking!


The Jakester said...

Hey, you're right, that Hope is one hot babe! Not as pretty as my girlfriend, Sammie, of course.... Sammie's got a smile that just makes me drool!