Friday, October 19, 2007

Trooper the Graduate

Hi ho!

Remember my little buddy Trooper? Well I am proud to say that he graduated puppy school last week. His mom told me that he has learned to sit, shake, stay, and play fetch; and he's like only four or five months old!

Next he will be pursuing his Masters in Science. More specifically he is studying the Chaos Theory as it relates to the time evolution of the magnetic field of celestial bodies.

Congratulations Troop on your graduation. Don't forget us little pooches when the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics.


Anonymous said...

Trooper is just so darn cute - HM has gone all mushy and stupid over that photo!!

Oh pass our congrats on to him too!


4xBs said...

whw, that's so cool that he graduated. Benson is going to doggy school too and now he is more motivated to practice his lessons so that he can graduate.

wally said...

Rock on Troooper! He's one smart dude.

Maybe not as smart as us but still, who is?


Joe Stains said...

congrats to trooper, what a smarty pants!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Trooper sure is a smart cutie. He needs to have a blog too.

~ Girl girl

Biggie-Z said...

hello boomer and trooper. congratulations! you must be a smart doggie to wear the funny hat so well and not to chew the tassel. I only wear towels on my head. That is, when I'm not chewing them.

p.s. cooked turkey is yummy. raw turkey is stinky.

Sophie Brador said...

Trooper is the cutest dog ever!


Finnegan said...

What a smart puppy! And cute too.



FleasGang said...

Brains AND good looks. He has the world at his paw-tips. Way to go, Trooper :-)

The Fleas